Anonymous asked:

Do you ever visit this blog anymore? You haven't had an update in months.

Ahhh hi!

Yes I do occasionally visit this blog, but my enthusiasm with the YJ fandom [and this blog] has been running on fumes lately.

I’m really super sorry I haven’t updated, I’ll try to get back into the swing of things eventually [I mean I have some 200+ posts in drafts that I can add], but right now my priority is with finding a job.


together; on our own. — a mix for the four idiots who started it all

i. na na na my chemical romance | ii. seven nation army white stripes | iii. sail awolnation | iv. phenomenon thousand foot krutch | v. burn it down linkin park | vi. riot three days grace | vii. highway to hell acdc | viii. i just wanna run the downtown fiction | ix. i saw you kid jonas alaska | x. the anthem good charlotte  | xi. everyday superhero smash mouth | xii. everybody loves me onerepublic | xiii. carry on fun.

L I S T E N 

This sounds amazing!

Come join us!








We’re watching YJ pilot, Independence Day!

We’re watching GLTAS’ Babel!

We’re now watchin YJ Denial!

We’re in YJ Misplaced!

YJ Secrets!
After that it’ll be bloodlines!

Now we’re on YJ Bloodlines!

We’re watching GLTAS’ Blue Hope!

Now we’re watching Image!
It’s the last episode for today!

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