SaveYJandGLTAS Week 2


We’re going into week two since the fans heard that Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice: Invasion were not being renewed for additional seasons.

Here’s the upside. The actions of the fans have caught Cartoon Network’s attention. The answer was not what we want, but we made enough noise in the first week that they had to publicly acknowledge and respond to what is going on.

Now, we cannot lose momentum and their attention. It’s time to step it up a notch.

Here’s what to do. Remember, our previous DO/DON’T about staying civil still applies.

  • Watch the remaining episodes of the shows when they air on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Or, watch them on DVR or on Demand. Or buy them via iTunes or Amazon Instant Video.
  • Sign the petition to Bring Back YJ and GLTAS. Due to the inablity to vet the signatures as individuals, it’s not as effective as sending an email, a letter, or helping create a trend on social media, but every little bit helps. Please use THIS petition. Don’t spread the petition that only calls for helping YJ. We’re in this together, DC Nation.
  • If you can, do these things every day:
  • E-mail Cartoon Network. Use this form: “Programming” > “Other Shows”. Be brief (2 or 3 lines is sufficient). Be positive in how you word everything. Fill out every box on the form. Mention if you bought merchandise or watched the show on TV. They do read these emails.
  • Tweet (unique individual tweets are better than retweets, think spam filters). Hit @CartoonNetwork. Use any combo of these Hashtags: #SaveYJandGLTAS, #GLTAS, #YoungJustice.
  • Post encouraging messages about how much you love the shows and want additional seasons on the official Facebook accounts Cartoon Network and DC Nation. (If you’re not being rude/negative or copy-pasting, they won’t delete you.) The fan-run FB pages are for organizing efforts and trading info. When you want CN to hear you, post to their official pages.
  • Live Tweet the episodes and about GLTAS and YJ in general from 10am PST Saturday throughout the weekend with the rest of the fans on the designated hashtag. The hashtag this week was #SaveYJandGLTAS. We got it trending in the US for about an hour this week. There will be a new hashtag released soon for February 9th.
  • Join this flash-mob-esque effort, which I’m not sure exactly what they’re plotting.
  • Step it up. Call 1-877-827-2671 and leave a polite and upbeat message about renewing GLTAS and YJ. If you’re comfortable attaching your name to the message, do so. Make CN remember each of these voices is a person who really cares.
  • Step it up. Send letters via the postal mail to Cartoon Network’s Atlanta headquarters. No need to be lengthy, just write to them. Keep it polite, do not threaten, word things as positively as you can, mention it if you bought any form of merchandise, and ask them to renew both Green Lantern and Young Justice.
    Cartoon Network Inc.
    1050 Techwood Drive Northwest
    Atlanta, GA 30318
    c/o DC Nation
  • Step it up — Prepare. Next week, in honor of Valentine’s Day we will move along to sending CN tokens of our affection for these shows. We’ll draft up a note next week to include with the tokens. In preparation, start gathering or making what you want to send them.
  • The GLTAS Fanterns are encouraged to send green “lantern” rings —either the freebie plastic GL rings that are around or green-colored Ring Pops— and/or Blue (Hope) Flowers —make one using one of these tutorials (or others), or buy a fake blue flower to send.
  • The YJers are encouraged to print out The Reach logo and affix if to plastic sports drink bottles or to buy or make domino masks and decorate the to resemble your favorite character.
  • Please, do NOT send anything that can rot (like vegetables or live flowers) or that may break or is sharp (like glass), we don’t want to punish or accidentally injure whomever ends up opening the mail.

We can do this DC Nation.

Some helpful info for this week for those interested! And the new hashtag is #AntiReach :)

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