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So, I wanted to reach out to both fandoms because for the past few months, I’ve seen a bit of imbalance in terms of the whole Symbiosi: All will be well, unity and combined effort, and I wanted to clarify what seems to be a common misconception.

 Here’s the thing guys, we’re making events and campaigns geared to BOTH fandoms, and many of the negative posts I’m seeing is geared to independent movements made by other fans, and the occasional troll whose only goal is to cause strife.

 Please don’t judge a fandom based on what a couple of trolls are doing, or give people flack for creating their own events, since that doesn’t reflect the majority of the fandom. We’re not going to stop making combined events, and no one’s betraying the other fandom, so let people do what they want in peace.

 I’d urge people to stop trying to throw insults and backhanded comments at other fandom members, but to rather go message the real people we need to be contacting, which is WB.

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    In addition to everything windona has just said, I’d just like to point out with a bit less civility that you are all...
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    I follow YJFanvids and a GLTAS blog. YJFanvids is primarily a Young Justice fan blog. However, all the graphics the mod...
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    Italics and stretching can also be used for emphasis. Don’t worry. Next post you see from me will be nice and clear so...
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    oh no I understand, it’s not like there isn’t six other people trying to explain this same thing to you
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    Generally people use italics or stretch words.
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    Maybe you haven’t realized it buddy, but I was talking about the GLTAS side of things as gently as I could as well. Aww...
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    I reblogged fanart of Razer and Wally once, and only commented on Wally and Young Justice. This, apparently, ticked the...
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