HD YJ/GLTAS download links


I’ve gotten a couple asks today inquiring about where I download the logo-free, HD episodes that I use to screencap with. There’s a couple different sources that I use.

Reaperza* is the one who rips the HD episodes off of iTunes and he posts them with various download links at Cartoon-World. You have to join to see the posts, but here are links:

Green Lantern: The Animated Series

Young Justice

Young Justice: Invasion

But for me personally, those links take a minimum of 4+ hours to download, so typically I’ll wait for the torrent versions to come out. They used to be uploaded by despo1ler (you can view his torrent upload history here - he also uploaded lots of Generator Rex, Thundercats, etc) but in November, he stopped posting new torrents. So my new source is loadstone2k12 (upload history here). Here’s a link to the newest episodes:

GL:TAS - 1x19 - “Loss”

YJ - 2x13 - “The Fix”

Hope this helped!

* Reaperza has since changed his username to Oblivion85, but I have him creditted in my screencap logs by his old name, so I’m going to continue to refer to him by that.

For those interested in links for older eps in 720 or 1080p and GLTAS, since someone was asking for it yesterday.


Anonymous asked:

is there some place else you could upload the comic, please? or maybe even just here? my computer can't do those crv type files and mediafire isn't working

Ahhhh I’ll upload it to sendspace, does that help? :)

Here’s the PDF, and for anyone else who’s having problems, here’s the cbr file! :D

Hope those work!

DC Nation Shorts Trailer

And to an Anon’s request, I have put up a downloadable version of the DC Nation Shorts Trailer, that I had completely missed!

And in other news, if you now go to the WB website, the DC Nation Shorts and YJ videos are now blocked for international viewers, how rude XD [but thankfully not the embedded one :D]

Anyway! Quality shots:

We have….Yin Yang Man?

And its a bird, it’s a plane, it’s!…..Beluga Man?

And hey look! Lagoon Boy took Flash’s costume!

Yeep, these shorts will be something else O_O but some look quite awesome, so check it out!

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