YJFanVids started on May 6th 2011!

Okay so I’m about a week and a half late, but it’s my own celebration so I’m excused. And technically the tumblr started on the 20th, so I am early for that.

But yeah! This wonderful idea sprouted one morning and then the rest is history! Or not, but I don’t think there’s anyone interested in the actual extensive history so I’ll spare you guys. But that doesn’t mean you guys escape the mushy-ish thank you’s.

I really do want to thank each and every single one of you, and I wish I could, but dumblr does enough with eating my asks and the hourly limit.

So I’ll just take the time now to thank everyone that stuck around since the beginning, the people that offered incredibly awesome advice and ways to better this repository and helped out when I was busy, all the editors that agreed to be part of this, the people that I’ve met through this tumblr and youtube channel, because I’ve made some very awesome friends through here that I’m very fortunate to have met, and of course to all the people that clicked the little follow button and/or subscribe button.

I’ll be totally honest I still get astounded every time I see number go up, because this turned into something much much bigger than I originally imagined, but really, I wouldn’t change a thing. Well, maybe one or two, but really:

Thank you.

Sorry for the inactivity!

I promise I’m not leaving this blog or anything, I’ve just been crazy busy with life [read: job-finding woes] plus there haven’t been a lot of videos lately, but I think it’s more from the end of school year madness/rush rather than anything else.

But yeah! I just wanted to put out a post as to why this blog was so quiet lately.

Spring Cleaning!

This time it’s a real one!

Okay so yours truly is now a free bird for the rest of the summer [though it’s not really summer yet, and it’s until I manage to find a job] sooo I’m going to try my best to FINALLY get some order to this blog and repository once and for all, since at the very beginning I was sort of all over the place, and not really expecting to become such a big blog!

Anyway, I wanted to know if anyone has any suggestions or ideas of things you’d like to see in this blog, improvements this blog needs, or if you want to see things differently, or what have you!

I’m open to all suggestions and feedback, so just let me know!

Sooo anyone have any feedback they want to submit?

Just to address some topics

Hey guys!

I just wanted to make some notes about a couple of things to everyone following here, because everything has been sort of chaotic these past few days and I’ve been running back and forth like craaazy.

It’s under a read more to not clutter, but I’d encourage everyone to read it, as it includes things about asks, tagging and fanvids, and tomorrow’s livestream and download links.

Read More

Hey guys!

Soooo I’m back! I can see Ravie was taking good care of things here! :D

I’m just here to let people know I’m back, and that holy cow:

This is one awesome thing to come back to, thank you all so very much for finding this blog worth following!! I’m just super giddy at seeing that number because this is maybe 1,702 more people than I thought would be following! So thank you all once again!

Next order of business is the giveaway!

Soo tomorrow’s the last day to reblog! And I do know that the very original post said 10 reblogs, but dumblr decided to change its notification system, and only show ONE reblog per person, and that reblog is the LAST one, sooo yeaaah, only one reblog’s being counted, sorry! I really can’t do anything about it, and trust me, if I could, I totally would.

BUT! I’m not sure if people saw the updated contest page, which shows that I’ve also added one more prize, and that is the official YJ t-shirt! Sooo that’s also up for grabs!

So in other words, there’s now five prizes being offered.

Aaand, here’s the deal, the “financial backing” of this giveaway [for lack of a better word] is from the sales of the YJ shirts/ posters I made, because I promised I’d only use that money to support the show, aaand for some reason, I got this super influx of orders, which means, more money, and therefore more prizes!

Ergo, depending on how the shipping costs work out for the first batch of prizes, I’ll be offering DOUBLE the prizes, sooo in other words, two people will get the DVDs, two people the comic collections, and two people will be getting the YJ t-shirt. I’m not offering doubles on the YJ eps on itunes because that thing is beyond expensive, and my own YJ posters/shirts would also be up for doubles if someone does want it!

And that’s pretty much it! I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas/Holiday or whatever you might celebrate! :)

Just as a notice and clarification:

The comic will be discontinued after this story arc, yes, they apparently have no more interest in the story it seems [whatever that may mean].

But that does not mean the show has been cancelled!

It’s definitely unsettling that the comics aren’t going to be made anymore, especially since they seem to provide plenty of information to the main story, but please don’t draw conclusions from one thing to the other.

There has been no confirmation or anything of the kind saying that the show has been cancelled, so please hold your pitchforks and rage for now.


Oh man, this is, wow, I’m getting more speechless by the minute here!

I kinda feel bad that I haven’t yet done the graphics I was planning for having reached 1,500, but hopefully soon, and now for 1,600!

Anyway, I wanted to thank everyone for sticking around, even if I am just posting about videos lately, the show’s debacles aside XD

Also! I am planning on hosting a giveaway starting at the end of the month, for the holidays, so stay tuned!

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