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love remains the same - a Supermartian reconciliation mix

"Whether or not M’gann and Conner get back together… is still unknown… Whether or not they’re still attracted to each other and have a connection is obvious." - Greg Weisman

"In My Veins" - Andrew Belle (feat. Erin McCarley) | “And the Boys" - Angus and Julia Stone | “Whataya Want From Me" (acoustic) - Adam Lambert | “Pieces" - Red | “You Fill My Heart" - Jason Walker | “A Thousand Years, Pt. 2" - Christina Perry (feat. Steve Kazee) | “Lullaby" - Sia | “Love Remains the Same" - Gavin Rossdale

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Oooh this sounds nice!


we could use the night off - it’s literally just a mix dedicated to these dorks doing the do in season 1

“Nothing On But The Radio” - Lady Gaga | “I Think We’re Alone Now” - Tiffany | “Untouched” - The Veronicas | “Touch” - Clay Aiken | “Hummingbird Heartbeat” - Katy Perry | “Shiver” - Maroon 5 | “Rainbow” - Oh Land | “Toxic” (Britney Spears cover) - Yael Naim

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Ooooh these are good!


So this is my first time making a fan mix? Hope it’s good?

You can find it on 8tracks and you can download the zip here.

Track List
01. Mad World - Adam Lambert
02. What For - Aisha
03. All I Ever Wanted - Basshunter
04. Just a Game - Birdy
05. Dancing with the Devil - Breaking Benjamin
06. Crash and Burn - Elise Estrada
07. Coming Down - Five Finger Death Punch
08. Howl - Florence + The Machine
09. Je ne Sais Quoi - Hera Bjork
10. Radioactive - Imagine Dragons
11. Imperativa - Immediate Music
12. On Love, In Sadness - Jason Mraz
13. Dust in the Wind - Kansas
14. Me & Creed - Mika Kobayashi
15. I Gave You All - Mumford & Sons
16. Dark Days - Punch Brothers
17. Addicted - Saving Abel

Hope you enjoy!

Because SuperMartian-inspired songs can always lead to some interesting videos!


you can’t choose what stays and what fades away - a season 2 Supermartian fanmix

[Listen] [Download]

1. Broken Pieces - Apocalyptica [ And as you ripped it all apart that’s when I turned to watch you / And as the light in you went dark / I saw you turn to shadow / If you could salvage some part of you that once knew love/ But I’m losing this / And I’m losing you ]
2. The Sword & The Pen - Regina Spektor [ So what if nothing is safe / So what if no one is safe / No matter how sweet / No matter how brave / But if each to his own lonely grave / I don’t wanna live without you ]
Monster - Meg Myers [ What have I done? / I’m a fucking monster / When all I wanted was something beautiful / My love, too much / Your love, not enough ]
4. Tides - the xx [ You leave with the tide / And I can’t stop you leaving / I can see it in your eyes / Some things have lost their meaning ]
5. Sleepwalker - Adam Lambert [ I can’t turn this around / I keep running into walls that I can’t break down / I said I just wander around / With my eyes wide shut because of you ]
6. Losing My Religion - Lacuna Coil [ Oh life, it’s bigger / It’s bigger than you and you are not me / The lengths that I will go to / The distance in your eyes ]
7. Voices - Saosin [ I miss the part when we were moving forward now / (On your way down) / And maybe someday I’ll be something more than love / Just know I’ll never tell ]
8. No Light, No Light - Florence + the Machine [ You want a revelation / You wanna get it right / But it’s a conversation / I just can’t have tonight / You want a revelation / Some kind of resolution / Tell me what you want me to say ]
9. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes - Ke$ha [ I have destroyed our love / It’s gone / Payback is sick / It’s all my fault ]

10. Renegade - Kings of Convenience [ When thoughts had outnumbered spoken words / In the early hours we failed / To establish who was hurt / The most ]
11. I’m Not Yours - Angus and Julia Stone [ Jump into your white mobile and run away / You’re always leaving me behind / And I can think of a thousand reasons why / I don’t believe in you / I don’t believe in you and I ]
12, Let Her Go - Passenger [ Staring at the ceiling in the dark / Same old empty feeling in your heart / ‘Cause love comes slow and it goes so fast / Well you see her when you fall asleep / But never to touch and never to keep / ‘Cause you loved her too much and you dived too deep ]
13. Gravity - Sara Bareilles [ I live here on my knees as I / Try to make you see that you’re / Everything I think I need here on the ground / But you’re neither friend nor foe though I / Can’t seem to let you go ]
14. Hold On To What You Believe - Mumford and Sons [ But what if I was wrong / Oh what if I was wrong / But hold on to what you believe / In the light / When the darkness has robbed you of all your sight ]
15. Explosions - Ellie Goulding [I’ve fallen from grace / Took a blow to my face / I’ve loved and I’ve lost / I’ve loved and I’ve lost/ Explosions on the day you wake up / Needing somebody / And you’ve learned / It’s okay to be afraid / But it will never be the same ]

And then for some heartbreak in the form of SuperMartian songs!

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