One year later and two world crises averted, it’s time to bring back Traught Week. And coincidentally, we’ve just hit 300 followers! Thank Zoe for our lovely new layout, while you’re gearing up for the shipping extravaganza.

In this year’s edition of Traught Takeover, we’re going back to Gotham Academy. Consider this your fully funded Wayne Scholarship to attend Gotham’s most prestigious shipping week. So be sure to slick back your hair, make nice with your student liaison, and don’t be be late for Mathlete’s practice. It’d a D-R-A-G without you.

Sunday, September 01: Chemistry
Monday, September 02: History
Tuesday, September 03: Extracurriculars
Wednesday, September 04: Absent
Thursday, September 05: Picture Day
Friday, September 06: Party on the Rooftop
Saturday, September 07: Reunion

We have some guidelines to ensure this week runs smoothly:

  • Everyone is free to chose any kind of art form: graphics, fanfiction, fanart, fanvideos, gifs, etc. 
  • No bashing of any other ship/character. Celebrate Traught but not at the expense of other ships.
  • We won’t accept early submissions, please wait until the new prompt has been posted on the Traught-Takeover blog.
  • Late submissions, on the other hand, are totally welcome.
  • Make sure your entry is related to the prompt of the day, of course.
  • You can submit more than one entry per prompt.
  • Tag your entry with #traught academy so that we can easily find your post and reblog it here for all to enjoy!
  • Feel free to crosspost your work on another site like or deviantart and add links to it in your tumblr post.

Woo! This sounds like it’s going to be an awesome week!


Somebody Told Me - The Killers

Wally has a thing for Artemis, who is currently dating Robin. Wally’s ex girlfriend is Zatanna. Artemis and Robin break up mutually and Robin pursues Zatanna while Artemis ponders the possibility of her and Wally. In the end Wally and Artemis get together and Robin and Zatanna get together.

This was pretty cool and fitting!


Here it is! My first official AU video. In which Robin is madly in Love with Artemis, she feels something for him too but she’s going out with Wally. (In this AU Kaldur is really a traitor)

Song: Hometown Glory(Adele)

*I am a ZatannaxRobin Shipper but I wanted to do something different. Enjoy! :)

Ooooh this was a really awesome Traught video, thank you for sending it in!

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