The Nerdy Show recently did a podcast with Grandon and talked about how to save YJ. They said IT IS POSSIBLE. Please read this post and SIGNAL BOOST THE HECK OUT OF IT. If you are NOT a YJ fan, please still signal boost this!!! Our fandom is in dire need of help, and has gone through more crap than any fandom should ever have to go through, in the past year. Now, I know this is a wall of text, but PLEASE take some time to read it.

They talked about how like, no one reads the comics and how a bunch of fans at a con didn’t even know there was a tie-in comic. This is ridiculous. 

  1. No matter where you are in the world, YOU HAVE ACCESS TO BUY THESE! Here is a list of American, Canadian, and international comic stores. Don’t live by a comic store? Get the comic instantly & digitally from the DC Digital Comic Hub.
  2. The artist is an active member of the fandom and tumblr community! Seriously, how many series can you say that about? Head over to Christopher Jones’s tumblr.
  3. It’s not the show in comic-form. It’s canon events that were not shown in the TV series. New stories, new adventures.
  4. It’s not dumbed down, either. It’s got the same brilliant writing as the show does.
  5. You do not need to have watched the show in advance. So if you’re new to the series, the comic is definitely a place you can start.

Next is the most important in the moment, YJ: Legacy. In the podcast they talk about how Little Orbit, the maker of the game, has the license to Young Justice for a long time. If the game sells well, there is a possiblity that they can make a sequel. GAME IS RELEASED THIS TUESDAY IN THE U.S., AND SATURDAY IN EUROPE!!! So yay, European fans get something for once!

  1.  Like the artist of the tie-in comic, Little Orbit, the creators of the video game, are very closely tied to the actual fandom, and always kept the fans up to date and even gave them the chance to pick what characters they would like for DLC. 
  2. Available for 3DS, Xbox, and PS3. Buy from wherever video games are sold. Here are links for buying YJ: Legacy on Amazon and Gamestop online. 
  3. AVAILABLE ON STEAM!!! PC gamers unite! You are not left out of this one!
  4. Again, it’s CANONICAL. This is not just a game reinterpreting the series! It takes place during the season 1 to season 2 timeskip, which means many questions will be answered. It also has characters like Garth, Tempest, who aren’t really seen much in the animated series. 
  6. Tons of playable characters from both the s1 and s2 team. 
  7. Online multiplayer play (so get your friends to buy, too!)
  9. Obviously, DC will get a bunch of $$$. $$$ = season 3
  10. Rated “T” for Teen. That gives you some idea that it is will be as deep as the actual series was. 

Thirdly, buying the DVDs and Original Soundtrack (OST), as well as purchasing the episodes via iTunes, have a huge impact. You can find the DVDs pretty much anywhere where kids DVDs are sold, but again, here’s a link to Amazon. Just search for “Young Justice” on the iTunes store and buy a season pass, or, if you want to give the series more money, buy each episode individually. If you can only afford one or two episodes, great. If you can afford both seasons, great. Every little bit helps. The OST is beautiful and has tons of content on it, and is only $16, so please buy it, here

I know you’ve read posts like this over and over again, but now is the time to act, with Legacy coming out this week. If we’re ever going to really push WB to bring our show back, this is the time to do it. So let’s #SaveOurHeroes!!!

It’s an awesome podcast to listen, and definitely keep all of this in mind for tomorrow’s release!


YJ: Legacy comes out in a month!

Okay so Little Orbit has been way too quiet lately, but I’m still hoping the game will come out as expected. Remember, if we want the franchise to continue in any way or form, we have to make sure this game sells well! As the Little Orbit people have mentioned, if the game does well, since they have the license, they may make a sequel!

If you own a console, you can pre-order the game now! I’ve made a list of some well known retailers from where you can pre-order the game, unfortunately I only know those in the US and Canada, but if anyone knows any others around the world, just let me know and I’ll add it!

Amazon: US|Canada

Best Buy: US|Canada

GameStop/EB Games: US|Canada

Future Shop [Canada]

Walmart [US]

Chapters Indigo [Canada]

Supposedly there’ll also be a PC version of the game, released through Steam, though there’s no page for it yet.

Also, super important, Steam, the retailer for the PC version of the game builds “communities” for their games, which includes a FORUM to discuss the game and whatnot. I’d encourage everyone, even if you won’t buy the game on PC, to join Steam when the game comes out, and join the community, and try to see if we can get the YJ Legacy hub to skyrocket in popularity, and show that our fandom is very much alive and still kicking!

Reblogging this again to add:


Young Justice Legacy Interview by TheMrDarkPhoenix

This is more of a talking heads interview; you can just listen if you want.

It primarily covers gameplay. Here are some of the important points that you may not have heard:

  • Pushed back to give them time to make it available on more platforms and 3D
  • Squad-based up to three person multiplayer.
  • Introducing four unannounced characters (SPOILERS NO COMMENT) … bringing it to a total of 16.
  • Characters loosely follow standard action RPG character classes, Superboy is the tank, Artemis is the ranger, Zatanna is the mage, etc. I got the impression they’re a little flexible, however, so that they can work together in several combos.
  • Depending on how individual players level-up their characters, one person’s Superboy will play very differently from another’s. 
  • There’s a Team Hero boost where players can build a coordinated Team Attack that’s more powerful! (yaaay ajsdflj eeeeee).
  • Of course there’s the canon storyline for “Season 1.5”
  • Costume packs at launch!!!! (yaaaaaay!)
  • You can preorder here

Please like it here on Little Orbit’s Facebook page, even if you don’t plan on buying!

Another interview!

What I am confused about is the whole conundrum with the secrecy of the DLC’s, because unless they changed the characters, they’ve already been announced months ago.

If You Ever Wanted To Be An Apprentice Superhero, This Game Is For You

An awesome vid showing the gameplay and information regarding the game!

Young Justice Legacy E3 Images

Okay! So, we’ve already seen some of these images, and others are new, but some more material to look at!

Also, the trailer they’re showing at E3 is the one that came out a few weeks ago, but I would recommend to check out this page, and voting UP on the video!

Right now, the game’s one of the biggest things we’ve got riding in terms of getting some form of continuation, so show them we’re interested! Like their FB page, or even pre-order the game if you can!

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